Our team works on a level system which measures creativity, education, experience, and time management. Stylists at higher levels have established higher client demands. A promotion to a new level provides a career path of growth and achievement for our team. The education our artists receive is aggressive, consistent, innovative and in-depth. It starts the moment they join us and continues for their career with Modern Wave. In the event that your stylists moves up a level and their prices exceed your budget, we want to ensure you that your stylist will give you a great recommendation to work with another team member to accommodate your specific needs.


Hair cut services at Modern Wave include a thorough personal consultation, relaxing scalp massage with a customized shampoo and condition. A blow dry finish is included to compliment all haircuts. Service prices are determined during the consultation and may vary based on the experience level of your stylist and the services and time required to achieve your desired end look, which may be impacted by the length and thickness of your hair.




Hair Cuts

DESIGNER          SENIOR          MASTER          ELITE

Women's Cut*                                $42                       $46                   $49                   $52+

Men's Cut                                          $27                       $29                   $31                   $33+

Girl's Tween Cut (9-12yrs)      $32                       $35                   $38                   $42+

Kid's Cut (8 and under)              $24                       $27

Signature Spa Cut: Includes an express botanical repair treatment for whatever your hair needs- whether its moisture, scalp balance, repair treatment or a treatment for thinning hair. ($5 savings) Please mention at booking.

                                                                 $62                       $66                  $69                   $72+


*45 min service. Thermal flat iron or curling iron work with a service =  additional $15 per 15 min.  

Hair Styling & Special Occasion

DESIGNER          SENIOR          MASTER          ELITE

Wash & Blow Dry Finish**       $30                      $30                    $30                 $30

Formal Up Style***                        $70                      $70                    $70                  $70

Child Formal Style ****               $45                      $45                    $45                  $45

Bride with practice                      $160                   $170                 $180                $190

Formal Down Style on clean, dry hair begins at $20 each 15min. for all levels

**30 min service. Thermal flat iron or curling iron work  =  additional $15 per 15 min.  

***60 min service. Formal styles do not include shampoo

****45 min service for children 8 and under 

Bridal services available

Hair Treatments

*NEW*Botanical Repair™ Treatment $25 express / $75 full treatment

The future of hair repair is here with a breakthrough collection that transforms your hair with molecular plant repair for stronger hair that is repaired to the core after one use. Professional botanical repair™ color treatment provides 5x stronger hair after just one treatment. Powered by an exclusive plant-powered 3-layer hair repair technology that goes beyond the surface to repair and prevent & protect hair from the inside-out. 93% naturally derived, silicone-free, sulfate- 4 cleanser free, vegan & cruelty free. For all hair types and textures.


Moisture Treatment $25 express / $50 full treatment

Improves dry hair up to 86% with the power of buriti and pomegranate oils, leaving strands soft, silky and shiny.

Nutriplenish Treatment $25 express / $50 full treatment

Infused with superfoods to help hydrate and nourish dry, depleated hair. Leaves your hair lush, shiney and visibly healthier. 100% natually dervied and ideal for all hair textures.


Scalp Treatment $25 express / $60 scalp treatment / $75 hair treatment

Features a deep, restorative massage with the aroma-therapeutic salicylic acid that gentry exfoliates your scalp and removes build up that may affect healthy hair. 


Treatment for thinning hair $50 full treatment

Helps energize with the power of turmeric and ginseng with a refreshing scalp massage that improves microcirculation. This treatment helps crete a healthy scalp environment for an enhanced experience with Invati solutions for thinning hair, helping to reduce hair loss to keep the hair your have longer.

Malibu / CPR Clarifying Treatments $25 - $35

Global Keratin Fast Blow Dry®  Full Service $50 / Quick add on $20

GKhair Fast Blow Dry reduces heat damage by forming a high-gloss protective coat of ANTI-STATIC AGENTS on hair before blow drying and NATURAL SEED EXTRACTS counteracts excessive porosity that’s common with color-treated hair. This is the best blow dry spray that enables the hair to fight against the effects of humidity reducing styling and drying time. GKhair Fast Blow Dry Spray decreases blow-dry time while protecting hair from intense heat and breakage.