Beautiful Hair... Beautiful Face!  SHE USE by SO.CAP Hair Extensions allow you endless possibilities!  Add length to short hair, add volume to thin and lifeless hair and add color without the use of chemicals. Strand-by-Strand keratin tipped extensions are available in more than 100 natural colors including the popular Ombre shades and Fantasy colors to fit everyone's needs and styles.    



  • Hand selected human hair with no silicone coatings

  • The hair is pre-bonded with keratin tips to ensure a healthy, strong, long lasting bond and won't harm the integrity of client's hair

  • 100% Remy hair: cuticle layers facing in the same direction to prevent tangling for a more natural look

  • 3 to 6 month wearability with proper care!

  • Available in 3 textures, 3 lengths and with the most complete color palette in the industry!

Price based on consultation


Join the Healthy Hair Revolution! Our Truly Seamless line is part of our “Healthy Hair Solutions” promise which are all non-damaging and promote healthy hair.


Seamless Hair Extensions use an invisible, easy to apply, tape-in system. Clients will achieve the look they have always desired while simultaneously thickening/ lengthening hair and restoring life to their natural hair.   Our method ensures full support with complete flexibility, causing no tension breakage or drag, promotes healthy hair and requires no heat for application or removal. Thicken It Studio uses 100% Remy human hair; meaning that the hair is individually selected and aligned in a unidirectional fashion to preserve the cuticles and keep them in tact. Our hair is never stripped, creates healthy, beautiful hair lasting for up to 3 months if maintained properly. 

Other brands use bonding, knotting, weaving or welding which cause serious strain to the hair; Industrial Lengths Hair Extensions are applied to the clients natural growth pattern and easily form to the specific head shape for the utmost superiority on the market. 



  • Fastest application available

  • Promotes healthy hair

  • Completely undetectable

  • No tension breakage

  • No heat or tools required

  • Flexible and smooth at bond

Price based on consultation  


SEAMLESS CLIP-ON'S - "Ultra Seamless" clip-on's are fun and easy to apply and are so thin, you cannot even feel them in your hair. Just minutes to apply and you can cut them to match your own hairstyle. These simple to use clip-on's are perfect for adding some volume to your hair or even building back your own hairline in seconds. The micro-clips snap on and off making Truly Seamless Clip-On's the sensible choice for women who have fine and/or thinning hair.   $299 per "full head" pack  | available in our hair salon